Transportation Services

Port and Rail Drayage

We specialize in store to door deliveries, inter-terminal drayage, rail drayage, chassis repositioning and equipment termination. Our fleet of trucks and dedicated dispatch team will carry out your inter harbor and rail drays within designated timeframes. Our use of an automated dispatch management system allows for ease of tracking and prioritization.

Heavyweights and Overweight Corridor

Our offices and warehouse are centrally and conveniently located within the “Overweight Corridor.” Our permits and fleet of specialized equipment allow us to transport cargo weighing up to 45,000 directly into our facility for trans-loading and other distribution needs.

With our onsite warehouse and fully equip professional warehousing team. We can safely provide. Cross loading, warehousing, container storage and re-working of overweight and damaged containers.

Hazardous and Dangerous Cargo Certified Drivers

We employ hazardous and dangerous cargo certified drivers. Please call for special agreements.

Bonded Carrier

Pac Anchor Transportation is certified as a Bonded Carrier with drivers readily available to transport goods.

Company owed chassis and special equipment

Pac Anchor Transportation is happy to offer alternative solutions to chassis shortages by offering customers the option of renting our chassis to ensure timely delivery of containers.